Rubrics, Assessment and the Global Scale of English

I’m working on a series of teacher’s resource type blog on how teachers can use the free Global Scale of English tools in their classroom. The thing I like best about the GSE is that it’s free and teachers can do whatever they want with it. My kind of resource.   In this blog post […]

Global Scale of English for Academic Purposes: Granular Insight into the CEFR

I really don’t know how this managed to get missed on my personal page, since I’ve been living and breathing this for the last year. In fact, this particular project is why I was in Korea. What I’m talking about is the Global Scale of English, or what I think of as the GSE for […]

Global Scale of English Learning Objectives

So, I have not been posting as often as I like on the site, but am hoping to do a few things soon. What has been taking up so much of my time, you might ask. Well, it’s official and in the wild now. I’ve been working on the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives, […]

EPIK Spring 2012 First day of Class

Are you teaching tomorrow? Are you worried about what to teach? Here are the lessons I teach on the first day of class.I keep mentioning these plans. As you get ready for your first classes, take a look at how I set myself up for success with these lessons. They are some of my favorite […]

High Beginner Spelling and Listening Test 1

This is a listening and spelling test designed for high beginner level EFL/ESL learners. This is a simple test designed to test for comprehension of phonetic spelling of words and ability to listen for details and information. In this test an answer sheet is provided for all the students. A script is included for teachers. […]