General Writing Bubble Organizer

Here is a bubble organizer for brainstorming ideas related to a topic before writing. This is a general organizer that can be used with any topic introduced by the teacher. This is a perfect writing organizers for any learner who is interested in writing, include EFL/ESL learners at a number of levels. This organizer would […]

Creating An Essay with Two Sides of the Argument

This is a lesson from a recent class I taught. It’s based on New Advanced Headway 3 and includes the materials that I adapted from the series. This is a writing lesson, which includes the writing lesson plan, to help upper intermediate level learners construct an essay that presents to sides to an argument. This […]

Tourism Role Play

This is a tourism role play designed for intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL learners. In the role play students work to exchange and collect information to find a city that would be appropriate as a tourist destination. This activity includes information about specific cities in Korea for use with Korean learners to develop learner identity in […]

Interview for Story Reading

This is an interview activity designed for less controlled practice forĀ  intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL learners. This is a general interview to discuss reading materials presented in the class. For teachers using extended or extensive reading practices with advanced learners this interview activity can help provide structure for deeper discussion of written texts. For these […]

Mixed Speaking Test 4 with Rubric

This a speaking test designed for use with high beginner through upper intermediateĀ  EFL/ESL learners. This test includes a rubric page for teacher with instructions on how to administer the test. First show the picture to your students. Have the students describe the picture in as much detail as possible. Next, show the text to […]