Weekend Plans Writing Consensus Activity

I was thinking about teaching writing this weekend, specifically writing in interaction. While as teachers we spend a lot of time on productive writing (writing a paragraph, writing an essay, writing a story) or writing to learn (taking notes, finishing something, writing to remember) we often leave writing to interact left untouched. Outside of letter […]

Hearing the Sounds of Grammar

I was pointed by one of my Pearson team members (have I mentioned I love my job? I love my  job) to this wonderful piece by Betty Azar (author of the Grammar Bibles, you know, the red, blue, and black books) related to hearing the sounds of grammar. This is such a great examination of contracted speech […]

Video Prompt: Vampire’s Crown

I do a lot of work presenting on how to use videos in the classroom. One area where we tend to struggle with videos is that the process becomes passive where students only watch the video without any interaction. In an EFL/ESL classroom this is a real struggle as it limits the ability for learners […]

Hurricane Running Dictation

The following is a running dictation activity suitable for intermediate or advanced EFL/ESL students. This is different from some of my other running dictation activities, as this includes much more reading for reading comprehension as well. When using this activity in class teachers may choose to have students summarize the key points in the reading […]

Holiday Present Descriptive Writing

Happy Holidays everyone. To help you through the holidays and the end of the year planning, here is a writing worksheet designed to help learners organize for a descriptive writing paragraph. The topic is holiday oriented. EFL/ESL learners are prompted to think about the types of holiday presents they have recieved and then to choose […]