Monthly Archives: August 2015

Hearing the Sounds of Grammar

I was pointed by one of my Pearson team members (have I mentioned I love my job? I love my  job) to this wonderful piece by Betty Azar (author of the Grammar Bibles, you know, the red, blue, and black books) related to hearing the sounds of grammar. This is such a great examination of contracted speech […]

Mapping the Content of Languages on the Internet with Lesson Idea

I love teaching language, language learning, and being in a language related field. Sometimes the research that gets done at my current company really surprises the pants off me. Here is a great example, a geographic breakdown of how language is used on the internet.   Aside from the fact that this is absolutely fascinating […]

21st Century Skills in the English Language Classroom

I’m pleased to announce that I will be presenting on 21st Century Skills in the English Language Classroom as one of 5 sessions I’ll be delivering at the 2015 International KOTESOL Conference. Pearson, my lovely employer, is graciously letting me go to Korea for almost two weeks to work with teachers in Korea to share […]