Global Scale of English Learning Objectives

By saradavila  


So, I have not been posting as often as I like on the site, but am hoping to do a few things soon. What has been taking up so much of my time, you might ask. Well, it’s official and in the wild now. I’ve been working on the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives, a project for Pearson English, developed and executed with the blessing of the Council of Europe, the group responsible for the original CEFR benchmarking.

Have you ever wished you could have more insight into what it means to be at a specific level in English? What can an A1 student do compared to an A2? How about students who have reached the dreaded plateau? Have they really stopped learning or is their learning still happening, just with success in fundamental incremental areas? That is what the GSE Learning Objectives are designed to help teachers with. The Scale does for English language teaching what the thermometer did for weather. We no longer  have to stick our hand out the window and say it feels like 10 degrees. In the same vain, we no longer have to label our students as just being an intermediate, or an B1. The scale gives much more detailed and usable insight.

What’s more, unlike other companies that have designed these metrics, Pearson is making this available to the public for free, to be used as we wish. This is a fantastic, fantastic tool for teachers, curriculum developers, and assessment developers. Go download your copy and please, accept this as my apology for being so busy. Soon, there will be an Academic, Professional, and Young Learner version of this syllabus available. I’ll let you know when you can get one.