Daily Archives: May 4, 2011

10 Step Board Game

  The Ten Step Board is a challenge activity for students. It can be used in pairs or groups of four. Students begin on start. Students must complete 10 activities to move down to the finish line. This could be speaking 10 sentences, answering 10 questions, naming 10 flashcards, or reading ten books. The possibilities […]

Snakes and Ladder Modified Board

The Snakes and Ladders board is a modified Snakes and Ladder board designed to be used with cards. As students work through the board they stop and use the cards to answer questions, makes sentences, or complete actions and tasks.

Race Board

The Racer Board is a simple racing board for two to four players. Students start on start and move towards finish by completing tasks. Tasks can include answering questions, using flashcards, reading specific information, or working on parts of a team project with friends.

Japan vs Korea Game with Cards

This is a board game for Japan v.s. Korea. This game is designed to encourage student to apply knowledge about Japan and Korea in a soccer style match up. Students choose which country to start in. They must race to the other side of the board by answering questions about Korea and Japan. This game […]

Hobby Time

The hobby game is an action game. As students move through the board game they must read the hobby and then preform an action related to the hobby. This game is designed to help students retain hobbies and nouns and verbs related to hobbies through the use of kinesthetic activities in interpersonal game play.