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I was honored, when about a year ago I was asked to help work on teacher content for the new InFocus series by Cambridge University Press. Dr. Charles Brown, an amazing educator and linguist, has … (read more…)

About Sara Davila

I’ve been working in education since I fell into the field as an Americorps volunteer in Chicago in 1999. During the two week orientation, I questioned daily if I was in the right place. I honestly thought about quitting before the first class. After I walked out of my first classroom, though, I knew that this was what I was meant to be doing.

Sara Davila

As an artist, a musician, a writer, and all around creative person, nothing challenges or motivates like the changing world of education. The theory, the practice, the avenues for research and development; this is the world’s most exciting field.

What’s best for me is watching learning happen: being able to see the results of a well structured program taught by teachers who have the most current information about innovations in the field. Students excited about learning is the best feedback on a job well done.

As I’ve continued in education I’ve taken time to grow my understanding of the profession, completing my Masters in Education, researching in areas of interest to me, and promoting professional development in my field as a trainer. I also work to improve what happens in the classroom by working with several groups who provide interesting and engaging curriculum for the classroom.

Feel free to browse about for some of the materials available here including: task based activities for communicative classrooms, worksheets for young learners, and papers and presentations on classroom innovations and how they can be applied in your classroom.

I look forward to comments and feedback so feel free to contact me about anything that comes to mind.


Sara Davila